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What Are the Risk Factors for Eating Disorders?


Eating disorders are complex and can affect individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The risk factors for developing an eating disorder involve a range of sociocultural, biological, and psychological factors. To determine the root cause of an eating disorder, it helps to work with a psychiatrist for treatment.

As experts in psychiatry in Texas, we will discuss the risk factors for eating disorders:

  • Biological Risk Factors
    Having a close relative with a mental health condition like depression or anxiety can increase the risk of developing an eating disorder. A history of dieting and other weight-control methods is also associated with the development of binge eating.
  • Psychological Risk Factors
    Body image encompasses how you feel about your body. Individuals with a poor opinion of their appearance are more likely to develop eating disorders. Self-oriented perfectionism can also increase the risk and involves setting unrealistically high expectations for oneself. A history of anxiety disorder is also common before the onset of the eating disorder.
  • Social Risk Factors
    Weight stigma and exposure to it can increase body dissatisfaction which can lead to eating disorders. This involves discrimination or stereotyping based on a person’s weight. Buying into the message of the socially defined “ideal body” increases the likelihood of food restriction. Being teased or bullied about one’s weight can also cause eating disorders.

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