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Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers to Watch Out for


Depression in teens is a mental health issue that affects how they act, behave, feel, and think. It can occur at any point in our lives, but the symptoms may differ depending on one’s age. Below are some of the most common symptoms in teens:

  • Emotional Changes
    They show feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness, and emptiness for no apparent reason. They lose interest or pleasure in things that they usually enjoy, and they do not show any interest in conflicts with family and friends. They lack self-esteem and are sensitive to failure or rejection. They often feel irritated or annoyed, worthless or guilty, and are fixated on past failures. They have trouble remembering, focusing, thinking, and deciding.
  • Behavior Changes
    They always feel tired, lack energy, and have trouble sleeping or they sleep too much. They show a decrease in appetite or an increase in cravings, resulting in weight gain or loss. They are agitated and restless, such as being unable to sit still, pacing, and hand-wringing. Their body movements, speaking, and thinking are slow. They pay less attention to their hygiene and always want to be left alone. They use alcohol or drugs and show poor performance in school.

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