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Paranoia and the Illnesses Associated with It


Have you ever had or seen anyone experiencing intense paranoid thoughts? That might be paranoia – which needs Mental Health Services in Garland, Texas.

Paranoia is not a diagnosis/illness itself. It is a symptom of various mental conditions, which are delusional disorders. When a person has it, there are delusional beliefs about persecution, threat, or conspiracy.

Other signs that a person has it are the following:

  • Mistrust and preoccupation with others’ motives
  • Vigilance on everything.
  • Fear of being taken advantage of or being tricked.
  • Difficulty in relaxing.
  • Reluctance in confiding in others.

Some of the mental conditions associated with paranoia are the following:

Should you see the signs mentioned above in a loved one, seek immediate help from experts, like a psychiatrist and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners.

Healing Souls Psychiatry can provide assessments, create treatment plans, manage medications, and handle ongoing care. We perform a patient evaluation to provide holistic care and self-awareness to patients needing our help.

We understand every patient’s individual needs for mental and behavioral help. And that is why we follow no one-size-fits-all policy. For psychiatry in Texas and other concerns, call us at 972-787-0060.

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