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Combining Medication Management and Psychotherapy


It is critical to adhere to your prescribed and scheduled therapies to progress your healing with the assistance of mental health professionals. Combining medication management with psychotherapy allows you to get better results while also lowering the overall cost of your care.

As we provide services on mental health in Texas, we will assist you in receiving a suitable diagnosis and treatment. Allow our counselors and therapists to aid you in overcoming this challenge through professional and focused assistance.

So, what are the additional advantages of including medication management and psychotherapy in your psychiatric health services care plan?

The cost-benefit analysis considers not only the increased costs of providing another therapy but also the efficacy of those therapies in reducing healthcare utilization and future treatment. Individuals who fully recover are less likely to use mental health resources in the future than those who do not significantly improve or achieve only partial remission.

According to a Psychiatric Times article, “patients with more severe depression, endogenous depression, chronic depression, and disordered cognitions all exhibit more robust and clinically significant responses to combination treatment.”

Combining treatments results in not just faster and larger short-term advantages, but also greater long-term benefits. For example, patients who receive combined treatment with CBT had a lower relapse rate than patients who receive only medicines.

Healing Souls Psychiatry’s professionals in psychiatry in Garland, Texas, will assess you to discover maladaptive habits and mental health issues. We will develop a therapy and intervention strategy for your mental health after receiving your diagnosis.

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