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What is it Like to be Bipolar?


Bipolar disorder is a highly individual experience. Nobody has the same experience as another. But how is it in practice?

Sadness is something that we all encounter from time to time. A depressive episode, on the other hand, can be significantly more severe in someone with bipolar disorder. The depression lasts longer and makes it harder to deal with day-to-day duties and problems.

A person suffering from a depressive episode would most often experience emotions of unhappiness that do not go away, as well as losing interest and being unable to enjoy things, difficulty making even simple decisions, and feeling unusually exhausted, restless, and irritated. They would feel physical symptoms such as a loss of appetite and weight.

Mania is an exaggerated sense of well-being, vitality, and optimism. These emotions, however, can be so severe that people suffering from bipolar disorder lose touch with reality. They may begin to believe bizarre things about themselves, make poor decisions, and behave in awkward, unpleasant, and occasionally even hazardous ways.

During a manic episode, a person with bipolar disorder will be notably joyful and thrilled, annoyed with others who do not share their bright attitude, and full of energy. They are flitting from one thought to the next, making big and unrealistic goals, and recklessly spending their money.

If someone tries to point that they need psychiatric health services, the individual may object since they do not believe they require assistance.

Our psychiatry in Garland, Texas can help a person with bipolar disorder live a productive life. There is more to learn about mental health in Texas, but Healing Souls Psychiatry is here to assist you.

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