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The Risk Factors for Mental Health Problems


One of the biggest mistakes anyone could ever do is neglect mental wellness. Some people are too conscious about physical fitness but could not be bothered to consider mental health. The only time they remember to think about mental health is when it is already compromised. They wait to be required mental health services in Garland, Texas before they take steps to nurture and protect mental well-being.

There are people who wait to be advised by a psychiatrist before they value mental wellness. Oftentimes, they’re already suffering from mental health problems. Unfortunately, this may be a little too late. People must not wait for the worst-case scenario as much as possible. They must come up with ways to safeguard their mental health.

An efficient protective measure for mental wellness is identifying the risk factors for mental health problems. Some of these are controllable, while the rest are not. Nevertheless, it’s best to focus on those that can be altered. Through this, people will know the things and practices they need to avoid.

Here are the biggest risk factors for mental health problems:

  • Childhood abuse or trauma
    A tumultuous past could have a lasting effect.
  • Social isolation
    Too much loneliness is dangerous for socioemotional health.
  • Poverty
    Any form of social disadvantage could take a toll on mental wellness.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
    Unhealthy habits leave negative effects on well-being.
  • Bereavement
    The loss of a loved one can be mentally and emotionally draining.

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