Areas of Expertise


An evaluation of health history and current health, advising treatment planners.

Medication Management

A  follow-up appointment to check your medications and see if they are beneficial, or if any accommodations need to be made.

Therapeutic Sessions 

Relieve, analyze, and confront significant occasions in your life with our listening staff.


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My Approach

At Healing Souls psychiatry, we strive for the best experience by offering non-judgmental, compassionate and empathic mental and behavioral health services. Our goal is to help you lead a more autonomous and productive lifestyle. We believe in individualized therapeutic services to meet specific needs of our clients. 

We hope to encourage comrades and family participants.
We aim to educate, empower and provide support to clients and families by providing a safe place to find support and share problems, concerns and/or stories.

We aspire to increase self-awareness, problem-solving and critical thinking skills for our associates.


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